From the stars of the inner sea, from the tower of insight, from the four corners of paradise, let them know; their story is filled with blessings. Only those free of sin may pass...

garden of avalon!

dreamlike charisma a

satsujin / tricky. he/him. taken. 21↑

❀ Japanese American
❀ Artist • Cosplayer

❀ I'm Pikalover420 because my love for pikachu brings me to new highs.
❀ Cute animal mascot character lover™
❀ White haired anime boys enthusiast
❀ I believe in Fou with a gun
ϞϞ(๑⚈ ω ⚈๑)∩ ビリビリ

illusion a

before you follow

❀ I indirect friends and mutuals a lot.
❀ Don't expect quick follow backs, especially if you don't have any sort of extended bio (liso/carrd/etc).
❀ If I catch you qrting my art I'll get you
❀ Softblock when breaking mutuals.
❀ Please do not repost/edit/use my art in any way without asking first.
❀ Please understand that if you're a minor, I will likely not follow back.

don't follow if

❀ You plan on befriending me solely for free art and or other ulterior motives.
❀ If you're out there sexualizing minors as an adult, please leave.
❀ insert generic dfi criteria (homophobic, racist, ableist, etc...)
❀ Often engages in drama of any sort.

hero creation ex


Priv - Friends only
❀ Art Commission Info (re-working)

friend codes

❀ i7: 850 722 689
❀ Fgo (NA): 703,739,340
❀ Genshin Impact: Dm on twt or discord for this one

Art moments

Art moment 2018-2020
❀ Art Moment 2021

main (current)

❀ Merc Storia
❀ Pokémon
❀ Genshin Impact
❀ Fate/ (primarily fgo)


❀ Persona
❀ Idolish7
❀ Nier: Automata
❀ Fire Emblem
❀ Raildex+Accelerator
❀ Vazzrock
❀ etc...


Merc Storia